Our founder’s extensive knowledge of the Aerospace Industry, as well as the high tech industry and Global knowledge in others domains, her technical background with success stories in the implementation of strategic solutions and her environmental awareness allow her, with a complete integrity and independence, to offer solutions  with a keen strategic view, in line with the Future evolution of the Global Market, not only on the consulting side of the Business but as well for the selection of the right Aircraft with the right technical, operational and financial structure for long term successful investments.


Technical  background

After getting a Master degree in Material Sciences from the University of Lyon and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Ecole CENTRALE de Lyon, France, she first worked on feasibility study, prototype creation, test and repairs of Aircraft parts (mainly composite parts). Then, joining Airbus, she got an extensive knowledge of international and Aerospace Business working with all Airbus partners and many Airbus customers on different projects to make sure that each offered solution would fit the customer needs and requirements. She played a role of consultant in the choice and audit of some official repair stations and assisted different Airbus customers on site. Then, as  the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) Group Manager, she overlooked the certification of repairs, modifications and enhancements of structural components with official authorities (DGAC) and managed a multi-million dollar project on harmonization of methodologies  and  processes between Airbus partners.

She then joined Dassault Systemes as the strategic account Manager for Bombardier Aerospace, which at that time, was one of the most advanced as far as high tech, (use of virtual prototype, 3D product design, Manufacturing and data management). She not only managed the Business relationship with Bombardier, but as well  the implementation of Dassault Systemes products. She organized the first Fly Through presentation in a 3D Aircraft Digital Mock Up and emphasized the need of Virtual Reality especially for pre-sales customer experience. She then moved to the Los Angeles area and, as the Aerospace Business Development Manager for Dassault Systemes of America, worked on defining new strategic solutions using all Dassault Systemes products within the global Aerospace Market, which,  at that time was one of the main focus area for Dassault Systemes. She developed, marketed and helped many OEMs and suppliers implement new developed solutions for further profitability. She emphasized the need of 3D and digital data use at all levels for enhanced performance within the Airline industry. She worked on projects for Space and Satellites and assisted teams, within Dassault Systemes, working with other industries.

She got a very extensive knowledge of all Aircraft available on the Market through her current work and past experiences, from very light Aircraft and even EVTOL and helicopters, up to very large cabin Aircraft such as Airliners as well as all the  “Players” in the area of Aircraft Sales, Acquisition, Management, Modification, Maintenance and Operation.  She also got a very good specific knowledge of FBOs as well as Energy providers. Being completely independent, she can work with all of them offering the Best Service selecting the Best within the Industry (Appraisal, Finance, Aircraft availability, Management, Operation, Maintenance, Modification, Enhancement, etc..).

For personal reasons, she highly investigated how and what in the environment can affect the human body and looked at solutions, not only to help the body heal itself from harmful environments, but as well, to avoid the creation of those harmful environments.

She has a private helicopter license with ratings on different helicopters.